Pastoral Care

The Office of the Holy Ministry was established by Jesus Christ on the very night of His resurrection. Pastors are called by Christ through His Church to administer His means of grace within the local congregation.

Both at his ordination into the Office of the Holy Ministry and at his installation here at St. John, our pastors vowed to perform the duties and responsibilities of this office in conformity with Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.

These duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Preach and teach God’s Word of truth, both Law and Gospel;
  • Administer the sacraments in accordance with Christ’s institution;
  • Faithfully instruct both young and old in the chief articles of Christian doctrine;
  • Forgive the sins of those who repent (never divulging the sins confessed);
  • Minister faithfully to the sick and dying;
  • Demonstrate to the Church a constant and ready ministry centered in the Gospel;
  • Admonish and encourage people to a lively confidence in Jesus Christ and in holy living;
  • Honor and adorn the Office of the Holy Ministry with a holy life;
  • Be diligent in the study of Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions; and
  • Be constant in prayer for those under his pastoral care.

To this end, our pastors joyously offer pastoral care to the members of Saint John Lutheran Church.